Let’s grow together

Welcome to The Garden

The Garden is a sanctuary, playground and research facility for those committed to inner and outer regeneration. United in purpose, we are a collective of change-makers, scientists, artists, process designers, meditators, coaches and philosophers, dedicated to nurturing individual and collective flourishing through the power of community, compassion and collaboration.
The world is currently facing increasingly complex challenges, climate change, AI, social inequality to name just a few. How we respond to these challenges will decide what the future of our planet will look like. We believe that resolving the current crises will need nothing less than a collective cultural enlightenment. Towards this goal we focus on three main areas:

Inner cultivation – The seeds of the garden

We believe that in many ways ‘(R)Evolution is an inside job’ and see deep self-exploration and self-transformation as necessary ingredients for overcoming our global challenges. Within our community of inner cultivation we provide support for individual seedlings on their way to blossom into full-grown beautiful flowers, becoming more mindful, compassionate and wise.

Community-Building – The soil of the garden

Community is at the heart of everything we do. Our focus is on building both local and global communities and nurturing social environments that enable our naturally inherent prosocial tendency to surface. Creating this healthy ‘social soil’ involves cultivating wholesome group spaces characterised by trust, care and belonging.

Planetary coherence – The global garden

We realise that systemic problems need systemic solutions. We focus on raising our collective level of consciousness and increasing our global capacity for sense-making, choice-making and collective action. We create events and workshops in person and online to discuss and act on relevant topics for solving the meta-crisis.

Upcoming events

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Projects and offers


Inner (R)Evolution

Inner (R)Evolution is a ten-week deep dive into the inner art and science of transforming ourselves and our relationship with the world. The course combines the wisdom and meditative techniques of the ancient contemplative traditions of Buddhism and Daoism with the insights of modern psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. The experience takes place within a community of practice and support using a microsolidarity framework.

Belonging & Purpose

Belonging and purpose is an eight-week learning and practice journey on the art and science of creating wholesome group spaces of trust, care and belonging. Together we explore a curated set of practices based on Microsolidarity, Internal Family Systems, Liberating Structures, Nonviolent Communication, Work That Reconnects and Mindfulness. The aim is to deepen our relationships with ourselves and others, to support and care for each other and to learn how to build sustainable communities.

Regenerative Teamwork

How do we create a fertile ground for healthy collaboration? What practices can help us become a life-affirming, resilient and effective organisation? How can we create a culture of trust, care and belonging? In this five-week course we will explore fundamental practices of regenerative teamwork. Combining theory and practice and embedded of a community of support and practice, we will learn how to create healthy and safe group spaces, make good decisions, deal constructively with conflict and become a continuously learning organisation through reflection and retrospectives.

What We Agree On

What We Agree On (WWAO) is a free event series designed to enhance our collective capacity to make sense of the world in these volatile times. Together we will dive into critical topics, engage in meaningful discussions, and collaboratively form consensus on pressing issues. With WWAO we want to nurture the emergence of islands of coherence, characterised by high trust, safety and benevolence, which can grow into a network of informed, action-ready communities. Join us and be part of shaping a collective path forward, one agreement at a time.

Becoming Sound

Becoming Sound is an immersive audio-haptic experience generated by the vibrations of the human voice and enhanced by technological means. It combines the ancient art of chanting with modern sound design and deep vibration. The Becoming Sound experience can range from feelings of relaxation and a clear, peaceful state of mind to feelings of oneness and bliss. The ultimate aim of the experience is to enable practitioners to dissolve their mundane identity and “become sound”.

Garden Salon

The Garden Salon is a casual space for hanging out with like-minded people, and together exploring topics around inner science, consciousness culture, meditation, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, AI, psychedelics and others.
In this edition of the Salon, we will explore what wants to sprout this spring in ourselves and our lives and in The Garden. We will also, finally, exhibit again the installation Becoming Sound – a shared, immersive audio-haptic chanting and vibration experience.