Regenerative Teamwork

5-week online-course | Next course will start in autumn 2024

How do we create a fertile ground for healthy collaboration? What practices can help us become a life-affirming, resilient and effective organisation? How can we create a culture of trust, care and belonging? In this five-week course we will explore fundamental practices of regenerative teamwork. Embedded in a community of support and practice, we will learn how to create healthy and safe group spaces, make good decisions, deal constructively with conflict and become a continuously learning organisation through reflection and retrospectives.

Regenerative Teamwork –
a 5-week course on sustainable and effective collaboration

Introduction Video

Course overview

We are living in a fast-paced, high-intensity world that can put a strain on organisations and the people working within them. The outcome can be stress, burnout and recurring internal conflict. Our workshop series provides a learning and experiential space where participants can discover together the foundations of a regenerative organisational culture. The course takes a hands-on approach with a focus on practice and exchange.

The programme integrates insights and methods from psychology, sociocracy, agile and integral organisational development, mindfulness, deep ecology, mediation, microsolidarity and non-violent communication.

The core questions of the course are:

  • How do we create a fertile ground for healthy collaboration?
  • What practices can help us become a life-affirming, resilient and effective organisation?
  • How can we create a culture of trust, care and belonging?

With a balanced mix of theory and practice, guided by an expert in organisational development, psychology and community building, we will learn together how to:

  • Create healthy and safe group spaces
  • Design meetings so that they energise us more than they consume
  • Make clear and efficient decisions through consent
  • Deal constructively and creatively with challenges and conflicts
  • And transform ourselves into a continuously learning organisation through retrospectives

Course Schedule

The zoom-sessions will take place weekly on Mondays. In between sessions you will get access to learning materials and resources and can connect via the online community learning platform.

Course syllabus

Module 1 – Introduction and connection

This first module serves to get to know each other and sets the framework for the joint work. We clarify our intentions, interests and questions and provide an overview of regenerative forms of collaboration and the ‘Work That Reconnects’ framework.

Module 2 – Safety and appreciation as a foundation

In this module we explore the importance of psychological safety and its role as a foundation for regenerative group spaces and effective meetings. This is complemented by basic facilitation techniques and the practice of appreciation.

Module 3 – Conflict as a catalyst

In this module we learn how to use conflict and tension as a catalyst for change and growth. The basics of non-violent communication and mediation provide the theoretical foundation for this.

Module 4 – Decision-making by consent

This module focuses on effective decision-making through consent. We look at approaches such as sociocracy, navigating via tension, communicating in rounds and integrating objections.

Module 5 – Retrospective and outlook

This final module shows us how carefully designed retrospectives can contribute to the development of a continuously learning organisation. We collect our insights and develop strategies for the effective application of what we have learnt in the future.

The Course Experience

Interactive Online Sessions

Each session will feature a two hour live zoom session about relevant topic of regenerative collaboration. There is a focus on practice and exchange. Each session will feature a short meditation, theoretical input, self-reflection exercises, small group dialogues.

Community of practice and support

The course is embedded in a community of practice and support. Join participants from around the world who are embarking on the same journey of regenerative teamwork. You’ll have opportunities to connect to like-minded people and develop a network of support for your journey.

Community learning platform

You will have access to a private online space to connect with the facilitator and other students through an online platform. Each week new learning materials will be uploaded to the space, including learning materials, recordings of our zoom sessions and further resources.

About the facilitator

Nicolas Endres

Nicolas is interested in creating healthy and transformative spaces – in ourselves, in our relationships and in our collaboration. After studying psychology, neuroscience and philosophy, he completed training in coaching, mediation and agile management. He teaches courses on inner science, meditation and community building and supports individuals and teams as a coach. He co-founded and for three years co-directed the self-organised coworking community Imago Space in Berlin. He is the founder and steward of The Garden – an organisation dedicated to inner and outer regeneration.

Experiences from past participants

“The learning journey helped me & my team a lot. We were able to significantly improve our feedback culture & error culture through many, sometimes very simple measures. It was also a very enriching experience to exchange ideas with people from different social movements & organisations about regenerative working & to learn from each other.”

Miriam Meyer

Organisation: Wandelbündnis

I liked that the learning journey lives what it teaches: slowing down, listening to each other, trying new things – highly recommend it!

Raphael Thelen

Organisation: Projekt Menschlichkeit e.V.

“In the Regenerative Teamwork learning journey, I experienced a good balance of input and direct exchange of experience in triads with other participants. This helped me to apply what I had learnt in practice.”

Joshua Bobzin

Organisation: Plan B 2030


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