Who we are

Who we are

We are a collective of change-makers, scientists, artists, process designers, meditators, coaches and philosophers, dedicated to nurturing individual and collective flourishing through community, compassion and collaboration.

Core Contributors

Nicolas (Nicki) Endres

Nicki is fascinated with inner science, community building and consciousness culture. Having studied psychology, neuroscience and philosophy he currently works as coach, mediator, facilitator and educator. He creates regenerative spaces for individuals and teams in their exploration of new ways of relating, collaborating and being.  He co-founded and for three years co-directed CoopSpace, a self-organised co-working community in Berlin. Additionally, he teaches courses on inner science, meditation and Qigong and gives talks on psychology, philosophy and inner and outer regeneration.

Garden projects: Berlin Microsolidarity Project, Becoming Sound, Inner (R)Evolution, Belonging & Purpose, What we agree on

Jocelyn Ames

Jocelyn is a social change facilitator and mediator, supporting activists, organisations and communities of changemakers to foster belonging, mutual aid and real-world impact in their field of influence. She specialises in mediation, designing gatherings and facilitating immersive residential experiences for personal and collective development. She works also as a collaborator with The Hum and the Cultural Catalyst Network, bringing in her experience and expertise in Nonviolent Communication, Internal Family Systems, Microsolidarity and International Development.

Garden projects: Berlin Microsolidarity Project, Belonging & Purpose

Filipe Pereira

Filipe is deeply interested in how individuals can find a pathway from separateness to belonging, and thrive in trust-based communities serving a higher purpose. As an engineer in technology management he worked on innovation projects that felt disconnected to him, so he shifted his focus more and more towards supporting humans in their personal transformation, after having experienced life-changing results himself. While leveraging technology in service of that goal, he is supporting teams on a mission to heal trauma, co-create communities of trust and purpose, and guide people into meaningful work.

Garden projects: Berlin Microsolidarity Project, Garden OS

Anna Kanitz

Anna moves between therapeutic and artistic research practice. Her background is in clinical and consulting psychology as well as in dance/movement, meditation, biofeedback and audio-resonance therapy. Her main interests lie in the interconnected environmental wor(l)ds of art, science and health. Currently, she is working with the focus on embodied psychotherapy in a psychosomatic stationary setting, completing further training in systemic psychotherapy and engaging in diverse creative cooperation.

Garden projects: Becoming Sound

Steffen Günther

Being an electric bass player Steffen discovered his love for alternative tunings and microtonality. He started producing electronic music and studied Audiodesign. He would co-found Planetary Cymatic Resonance to conduct sonic meditation journeys and experiment with sonification of brainwave data.
His interest in 3D audio brought him to Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute – Berlin, exploring immersive audiovisual technologies. He graduated in Computing and the Arts to expand his work deeper into the artistic realms of audio-visual harmonics like the sonification of elliptic planetary movement and molecular spectrographic data while teaching immersive audio production.
Garden projects: Becoming Sound

Ilya Yacine

Ilya passionately explores the various fields of systemic social transformation. At the core of his professional, academic and personal curiosity lies a deep interest in co-creative leadership approaches and attitudes to facilitate a life-affirming future for people, teams, organizations and cities. The questions that drive Ilya revolve around facilitating people’s flow; enabling transformative learning; co-creating evolutionary organizations; co-designing a regenerative urban future and nurturing an awareness for planetary natural processes. As an experienced agile coach and organizational developer, Ilya creates learning quests to collectively explore those questions, using a balanced mix of methodologies.
Garden projects: What we agree on