Here are a couple of videos related to projects of The Garden. Since I (Nicki) am the current chief source of enthusiasm of The Garden, at the moment most of the resources feature talks, presentations or interviews by or with me. I hope that this will soon change we will have more diverse content to share here.

Berlin Microsolidarity Project presentation

This is a short video presentation describing the rationale behind the Berlin Microsolidarity project. Some topics are creating wholesome groups of support, care and belonging; doing meaningful work with people we love and fully embodying the paradigm of regeneration.

Talk on governance, sociocracy and consent

This video is about sociocracy, governance and consent-decision-making. The presentation goes from 08:45 – 41:25. Then follows a Q&A session and dialogue about topics such as leadership, hierarchies, challenges in decision-making, prioritising decisions and others.

Dialogue about microsolidarity

In this video Rich Bartlett & Nicki Endres discuss various aspects of the Berlin Microsolidarity Project and microsolidarity in general. We get into topics such as community-building, action research, aftercare, psychedelics and many others.


Workbook Regenerative Teamwork

This workbook (currently only available in German) was developed in the regenerative spaces project in collaboration with imu Augsburg. It is a guide full of inspiration, exercises and information for you on how holistic regenerative work can succeed. Happy reading and try it out!