What We Agree On

Scaling our collective capacity for making sense of the world

What We Agree On (WWAO) is an event series designed to enhance our collective capacity to make sense of the world in these volatile times. In monthly 90 min zoom-sessions, we’ll use a special bottom-up sense-making approach to dive into critical topics, engage in meaningful discussions, and collaboratively form consensus on pressing issues. We’ll use different modalities, self-reflection, group exchange and an AI-supported software (polis) to generate an agreement space that we can systematically build on. With WWAO we want to nurture the emergence of islands of coherence, characterised by high trust, safety and benevolence, which can grow into a network of informed, action-ready communities. Join us and be part of shaping a collective path forward, one agreement at a time.

WWAO is a free event. We’ll meet for our second meeting here on the 29th of April 2024, 18-19:30 CEST.

To register, sign up here.

Looking forward to making sense with you.

Previous sessions

Session 1 – current situation, sense-making and polis

Here we will share content from our first session: the video input, the polis conversation and some further ressources about sense-making.

Video input

Polis conversation

Here is the link to the polis conversation we had. The question was what topics participants would find most meaningful to discuss. You can see the polis report here.

Further resources

Here are also some follow-up links to resources about sense-making, polis and digital democracy:

– In this video Audrey Tang, the digital minister of Taiwan, talks about rethinking democracy, polis, digital participatory processes and shares amazing insights while telling the story of how the gov zero movement revolutionised sense-making and policies in Taiwan.

– If you want to go deep down into the rabbit hole of why sense-making is so hard today and yet so extremely important this video by Daniel Schmachtenberger is for you. The entire “War on sense-making” series by Rebel Wisdom is highly recommended.

– If you want to dive deeper into polis, a good place to start is the welcome guide in the documentation.