The inner science course is a twelve-week program of deep self-exploration and transformation. It combines the wisdom and meditative techniques of the ancient contemplative traditions of Buddhism and Daoism with the insights of modern psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. The course is embedded in a community of practice and mutual support. The goal of the course is to explore our inner worlds in order to understand ourselves better and become more mindful, compassionate and wise. To do so we look at our own awareness as a kind of laboratory and our stream of consciousness as data which we can observe, understand and ultimately transform. The course combines theory and practice and integrates the scientific method and ideals with an approach of regeneration, secular spirituality and existential philosophy.


The main part of the course consists of twelve live zoom sessions of 2,5 – 3 hours featuring various meditations and contemplations, lectures, deep listening exercises, peer coaching methods, mindful movement practices and reflective writing exercises. The course is embedded in a course-exclusive community platform for participants to connection and mutual support. The total time commitment for live-sessions and practice at home is about 5 hours per week. The course language is English. It is suitable both for beginners with little previous meditation experience as well as experienced meditators who want to deepen their practice. All you have to bring is an open mind and some curiosity 🙂

Some goals of the course are to

  • Find greater inner calm, balance and well-being
  • Cultivate a mindset of self-care, self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Train your attention, mindfulness and meta-cognition
  • Learn to relate healthily and authentically to yourself and others
  • Establish a sustainable meditation practice 
  • Cultivate wholesome habits, behaviour and world-view
  • Bring more awareness into all areas of your life
  • Understand stress and systematically let go of it
  • Learn to maintain a healthy relationship with our digital devices and (social) media
  • Identify personal challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth
  • Learn to regulate your emotions and become more resilient
  • Find a deeper sense of gratitude, meaning and joy
  • Become a consious creator of your life

The process of inner science is about

  • Sensing, feeling and experiencing
  • Friendliness, gentleness and tenderness
  • Allowing and accepting whatever is
  • Balancing movement and stillness
  • Surrendering, yielding and letting go
  • Settling the mind and body in its natural state
  • Objectivity, validity and reliability
  • Presence, awareness and mindfulness
  • Letting go of prejudice and judgement
  • Befriending our mind and body
  • Becoming balanced and grounded
  • Exploring, discovering and understanding
  • Truthfulness, spontaneity and authenticity
  • Measurement and discernment
  • Trust, safety and ease
  • Non-doing, non-reactivity and non-identification
  • Understanding and wisdom

Dates and Times

The zoom sessions will take place weekly on Wednesdays from 19:00 – 21:30 from September 21st until December 7th. The sessions usually last 2,5 hours, the first, seventh and last session last 3 hours. The sessions will be recorded so that you can rewatch them if you miss a date.

Energy exchange

To enable everybody to take part we are offering the course using a sliding scale from 290-500€, depending on your income.

There are three payment tiers:

  • Low income: 290€ – for those earning less than 25.000€ per year
  • Standard: 380€ – for those earning between 25.000 and 60.000€ per year
  • Higher income / wealth: 500€ – for those earning more than 60.000€ per year or with other sources of wealth

Since the higher payments subsidise the low income spots for, consider paying more if you have the means.
If you want to participate but cannot afford 290€ send me an email and we can work something out.

About the facilitator/guide

Nicolas Endres has an academic background in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and works as a coach, mediator and meditation teacher in Berlin. He studied psychology at the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK, and then returned to Berlin where he studied psychology, neuroscience and philosophy at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain at Humboldt-University. During this time he worked at the Max-Planck-Institute for Human, Cognition and Brain Sciences within one of the largest longitudinal studies on the effects of meditation. After his studies he designed and taught an experimental inner science university course at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain which formed the basis for the present inner science course.

Besides Western science and philosophy he dove deeply into Eastern contemplative traditions, especially Buddhism and Daoism, and the meditative techniques associated with them, e.g. meditation, Yoga and Qigong. He started practicing these techniques seriously in his early twenties and the more he practised them the more he realised their value for individual and collective mental health and well-being. Nicolas is fascinated by the idea of applying the scientific method directly to the mind in order to gain a more complete understanding of the inner workings of the human mind and brain. He works towards integrating the wisdom of ancient contemplative traditions with the insights of modern science and technology with the ultimate goal of raising our collective level of consciousness. Nicolas teaches courses on inner science, gives talks on philosophy and psychology and coaches individuals and teams. He co-founded and co-directs the CoopSpace, a self-organised co-working space in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and is the founder and director of the Mindlab Institute.

Experiences of past participants

“It was a wonderful experience to participate in Nicki’s Inner Science Course. Nicolas is a warm, attentive and inspiring host who created a space with humour and ease where I felt safe and comfortable. I received a broad overview of various meditation techniques, traditional as well as modern scientific backgrounds and was able to learn a lot for myself. The weekly gathering in a fixed group has helped me to establish my own routine in my meditation practice. I was looking forward to the interaction with each other every week and benefited from the group exchange. I can warmly recommend anyone who wants to deal with themselves and meditation to participate in the Inner Science course of Nicki!”



“This course was for me like a rich buffet with many carefully selected meditation techniques and positive psychology exercises. They were introduced in an open-minded secular manner without any myths and dogmas. Everyone was able to taste them and test whether they resonate with him or her and boost his or her well-being in daily life. Although I had been busy with various meditation methods for years before I learned new ways and aspects of meditation. But I also recommend the course for beginners.”


IT specialist

“My experience went beyond what I had expected and turned out to be what I needed at the time. The course let me experience an open, friendly atmosphere where I felt safe to be myself. I was looking forward to Wednesday evenings to take part in the course. One of the highlights for me was our checking-in & checking-out routines. I found myself more interested than usual in knowing about how others spent their day, even if we didn’t know each other out of the context of the course. Nicki would actively take part in such activities, therefore, I observed him as another participant and companion more than a teacher. Although a lot of the time we didn’t let him finish what he brought with him to the class simply because we had too many questions, thoughts, and ideas we wanted to share – it felt like our class together more than his. Nicki introduced fruitful material, created a community for us but above all I enjoyed the time spent in the class and the experience itself.



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Get in contact

If you have any questions regarding the course write to me using the contact form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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