Berlin Microsolidarity Project

The Berlin Microsolidarity project was a six-week learning and practice journey on the art and science of creating  wholesome group spaces of trust, care and belonging. Together we explored a curated set of practices based on Internal Family Systems, Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, self-compassion and liberating structures. The aim was to deepen our relationships with ourselves and others, to support and care for each other and to learn how to build sustainable communities.

The next microsolidarity course (Belonging & Purpose) starts in spring 2024, you can put your name on the waitlist here.


The world is currently facing increasingly complex problems, climate change, AI, social inequality to name just a few. How we respond to these problems will decide what the future of our planet will look like. We are convinced that a focus on coherent community, compassion and collaboration are the foundation for a world that supports all life.

Towards this goal the Berlin Microsolidarity Project brings together like-minded regenerative change-makers from different communities in our city. Over the course of six weeks we will explore selected practices aimed at cultivating wholesome spaces that foster trust, support, care and belonging. An intended outcome of this is to create small interconnected islands of coherence and benevolence.

What this learning and practice journey offers

For this six week long learning and practice journey we have curated a set of practices based on Internal Family Systems, Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, self-compassion and liberating structures. Together we want to (1) deepen care, connection and mutual support within our groups and networks, and (2) cross-pollinate with other regenerative change-makers to activate our potential for meaningful collaboration and livelihoods together.

Based on Microsolidarity’s premise that different group sizes hold different possibilities for change we will apply these practices on different scales: self (you), dyad (you and someone else), crew (up to 6 people) and congregation (up to 150 people).

What you will learn in this journey

  • Facilitating and hosting wholesome group spaces
  • Increasing your capacity for sharing, listening and giving and receiving feedback
  • Embodying more of your whole self in groups
  • Enabling collective mutual support by surfacing our needs and gifts
  • How to apply microsolidarity to your own relationships and networks
  • How to do meaningful work with people you love


This microsolidarity journey combines two live meetings and three (optional) in-person hangouts at CoopSpace (Glogauer Str. 21, 10999 Berlin), with four online meetings and a digital community and learning platform. You will go through the learning journey as a crew of six. For the online sessions the hosting crew will open a zoom meeting which the individual crews can join online or while gathering in-person.

Experiences from participants

“Having struggled to wrangle my individual friendships and engagements into a more cohesive structure, the Microsolidarity Project brought an unexpected type of consistency and trust to my weekly rhythm. I found a container where I could witness myself and others sharing and receiving support in close proximity, and that has helped me reconsider how I might take my wishes for community into my own hands. The end of the project felt more like a waypoint – the connections and inspiration I left with are still simmering and moving towards some new outlet. 
The broad scope of the project and the mixture of participants aligned in their care for experiencing community left me with plenty of space for new ideas to emerge and existing ones to ripen. I think anybody with the time and emotional bandwidth to show up for themselves and engage new people will find themselves met by the group and its processes.”


“It was a wonderful experience to participate in Nicki’s course. Nicki is a warm, attentive and inspiring host who created a space with humour and ease where I felt safe and comfortable. I received a broad overview of various meditation techniques, traditional as well as modern scientific backgrounds and was able to learn a lot for myself. The weekly gathering in a fixed group has helped me to establish my own routine in my meditation practice. I was looking forward to the interaction with each other every week and benefited from the group exchange. I can warmly recommend anyone who wants to deal with themselves and meditation to participate in this course!”



“This course was for me like a rich buffet with many carefully selected meditation techniques and positive psychology exercises. They were introduced in an open-minded secular manner without any myths and dogmas. Everyone was able to taste them and test whether they resonate with him or her and boost his or her well-being in daily life. Although I had been busy with various meditation methods for years before I learned new ways and aspects of meditation. But I also recommend the course for beginners.”

IT specialist

“My experience went beyond what I had expected and turned out to be what I needed at the time. The course let me experience an open, friendly atmosphere where I felt safe to be myself. I was looking forward to Wednesday evenings to take part in the course. A lot of the time we didn’t let Nicki finish what he brought with him to the class simply because we had too many questions, thoughts, and ideas we wanted to share and it felt like our class together more than his. Nicki introduced fruitful material, created a community for us but above all I enjoyed the time spent in the class and the experience itself.



If you are interested in participating send me a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page. I will then contact you to have a short preliminary conversation. This serves to clarify questions and expectations and determine whether the course is right for you.

Energy exchange

To enable everybody to take part I am offering the course using a sliding scale from 290-500€, depending on your income. There are three payment tiers:

  • 290€ – Lower income – for those earning less than 20.000€ per year
  • 380€ – Standard – for those earning between 20.000 and 50.000€ per year
  • 500€ – Higher income / wealth – for those earning more than 50.000€ per year or with other sources of wealth

If you want to participate but cannot afford 290€ send me a message and we can see if we can work something out.


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To apply or if you have any questions regarding the course write me a message using the contact form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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